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G-Love flips the script on an American restaurant institution. At Portland’s first ever ‘Reverse Steakhouse’ vegetables harvested at their peak take center stage, while proteins play a supporting role as side dishes.

Chef/Owner Garrett Benedict takes pride in showcasing unique, locally grown produce. Partnering with Olde Moon Farm in Silverton, just one hour south of Portland in the Willamette Valley, is the key to what makes a meal at G-Love so extraordinary.

Chef/Owner Garrett Benedict


Garrett Benedict
- Chef/Owner

Garrett Benedict has been cooking since age 14. He has worked all across America and has 18 years of experience in some of the best kitchens in the United States.

He attended the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley before working at the renowned Michelin three-star Restaurant at Meadowood and the groundbreaking restaurant Ubuntu, which was the first vegetarian restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin star.

Gus the Bus

The coolest table in town!

After buying a classic 1973 Volkswagen Bus, he traveled the country for six months, staging at over 30 of the best restaurants around the country. This adventure further expanded his culinary horizons and vision.

Next, it was back to the west coast to live and work on his parents’ farm. In 2015 he became a key member of the opening team for AL’s Place, which received Bon Appetit’s award for Best New Restaurant in America only seven months later.

He started at AL’s Place as one of two Sous Chefs, and within eight months was promoted to the kitchen’s highest position, Chef de Cuisine. G-Love is Garrett’s first restaurant.

Smiling Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee - Chef de Cuisine

Andrew wasn't on a course for a life in the kitchen until one summer during college, when he took a job peeling potatoes and shucking oysters at Hog and Rocks in San Francisco. There, he found a sudden passion for banging pots and trading obscene jokes in a cramped and hot kitchen and was hooked for life. He has been fortunate to work under many talented chefs and mentors and is excited to continue his growth as a Chef, and also plans to continue banging on more pots.

Jackson Hallenburg in the kitchen

Jackson Hallenburg - Sous Chef

Jackson Hallenburg started cooking at age 14 in Utah, where he was born and raised. In order to chase a more adventurous and successful culinary career he moved to Portland, Oregon and attended Le Cordon Bleu. He fell in love with farm to table restaurants at The American Local. He's worked all over Portland from Alberta to Division street and now happily calls Portland and G-Love his home. When Jackson isn't at G-love you'll find him running mutual aid kitchens, feeding the houseless, or dancing the night away in Portland live music scene.

Eden Buckendahl in the kitchen

Eden Buckendahl
- Sous Chef

A Portland, Oregon native, Eden Buckendahl grew up heavily influenced by the arts. He showed an early aptitude for playing music and making art, which made his first foray into a professional kitchen an obvious next step. His first job was as a dishwasher at Ox, under James Beard Award winning chefs Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quinonez-Denton. After starting in dish he then worked his way up to shucking oysters and the rest is history. Eden has worked at G-Love since only a few months after opening and is the longest serving cook in the kitchen.

Shade Ruston smiling

Shade Ruston
- General Manager

Shade Ruston grew up on the central coast of California. Her love of food and going out to restaurants comes directly from her mom. Every summer they would go on trips together centered around trying new food. These shared experiences instilled an appreciation for the art of hospitality, the power of a great meal, and the joy of warm service. After obtaining a degree in Public Policy, she moved to Portland and started as a host on G-Love’s opening team back in 2019. She has contributed so much to everything that makes G-Love so special. From host, to server, to wine director, to her current role managing the front of house, Shade is passionate about all things G-Love. When she’s not at G-Love, you can find her hanging out with her Great Pyrenees, Yuki, and sipping on Oregon wine.

Kelsey Malfliet smiling

Kelsey Malfliet
- Wine Director

Kelsey Malfliet is a self-proclaimed restaurant “lifer”, hospitality runs in her blood. Born in the Netherlands, she spent summers tending bar at her dad's bar. After relocating to the states, she spent her early career opening over half a dozen restaurants throughout the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. While working at Pago in Salt Lake City, she briefly got the privilege to work with Evan from Ruth Lewandowski Wines. She gained a deep passion for all things wine related. She decided to move to Portland to further pursue her interest in that field. She has worked at notable Portland restaurants such as Nostrana & Screen Door. Kelsey has been at G-Love since the very beginning. She currently runs the wine program and holds a level 2 WSET & is currently studying to gain her level 3.

Quintin Scalfaro with cocktail

Quintin Scalfaro
- Bar Manager

Quintin Scalfaro lives and breathes all things cocktail. A lifelong Portlander who grew up in a food service household, he has always had a passion for good food and drink. He has worked several different positions in restaurants, but it was while attending Portland State University, which he now jokingly calls cocktail college, that he first got his start behind the bar. A long-time Slabtown resident, if you can’t find him mixing drinks at the G-Love bar, you will likely find him sitting at it, with a Martini in hand, and a smile on his face.

Jay & Jordan Uth

Jay + Jordan
- Farmers/Owners of
Olde Moon Farm

Jordan Uth graduated from UC Davis in 2008 with a degree in environmental biology and management. Ever since she has been working on farms and ranches where she can further her love of raising pigs, sheep, goats and chickens. She also continues to develop her skills with cheesemaking, canning, fermentation and preserving the bounty of the harvest. Jordan also curates the flower program at G-Love!

Jay Uth credits his upbringing in a family full of avid gardeners with his love of farming. He has over 10 years of experience farming across Northern California. As the Head Farmer at Muleheart Farms in Petaluma, he gained experience working a 3-acre farm that exclusively supplied a single restaurant. It was a business model that he came to love, and this same spirit of collaboration will be applied to the relationship with G-Love.

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