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G-Love flips the script on an American restaurant institution. At Portland’s first ever ‘Reverse Steakhouse’ vegetables harvested at their peak take center stage, while proteins play a supporting role as side dishes.

Chef/Owner Garrett Benedict takes pride in showcasing unique, locally grown produce. Partnering with Olde Moon Farm in Silverton, just one hour south of Portland in the Willamette Valley, is the key to what makes a meal at G-Love so extraordinary.

The cooks at G-Love work rotating shifts at Olde Moon Farm, and any vegetable trim from the kitchen gets sent back to the farm as compost material. This virtuous cycle sets G-Love apart in Portland’s crowded farm-to-table restaurant scene.

Garrett Benedict


Garrett Benedict, Chef/Owner

Garrett Benedict has been cooking since age 14. He has worked all across America and has 18 years of experience in some of the best kitchens in the United States.

He attended the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley before working at the renowned Michelin three-star Restaurant at Meadowood and the groundbreaking restaurant Ubuntu, which was the first vegetarian restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin star.

Gus the Bus

The coolest table in town!

After buying a classic 1973 Volkswagen Bus, he traveled the country for six months, staging at over 30 of the best restaurants around the country. This adventure further expanded his culinary horizons and vision.

Next, it was back to the west coast to live and work on his parents’ farm. In 2015 he became a key member of the opening team for AL’s Place, which received Bon Appetit’s award for Best New Restaurant in America only seven months later.

He started at AL’s Place as one of two Sous Chefs, and within eight months was promoted to the kitchen’s highest position, Chef de Cuisine. G-Love is Garrett’s first restaurant.

Elise Moore

Elise Moore, General Manager

Elise Moore has spent 17 years working in a wide array of restaurants across the USA. She comes from a background deeply seeded in true Southern hospitality with a strong understanding of farming practices, the large majority of her family works within the farming community.

Growing up in Florida she loved hosting cocktail and dinner parties for friends and family. In 2008 she moved to San Francisco to follow her dreams of working in a Michelin starred restaurant.

She spent 10 years working in some of the best restaurants in San Francisco including Epic Steakhouse, Brenda’s French Soul Food, and State Bird Provisions. During her time in San Francisco, she became a Certified Sommelier and continues her growth by curating G-Love’s wine list.

She has now embarked on the next chapter of her career, becoming the General Manager of G-Love.

Jay & Jordan Uth

Jay + Jordan - Farmers/Owners of Olde Moon Farm

Jordan Uth graduated from UC Davis in 2008 with a degree in environmental biology and management. Ever since she has been working on farms and ranches where she can further her love of raising pigs, sheep, goats and chickens. She also continues to develop her skills with cheesemaking, canning, fermentation and preserving the bounty of the harvest. Jordan also curates the flower program at G-Love!

Jay Uth credits his upbringing in a family full of avid gardeners with his love of farming. He has over 10 years of experience farming across Northern California. As the Head Farmer at Muleheart Farms in Petaluma, he gained experience working a 3-acre farm that exclusively supplied a single restaurant. It was a business model that he came to love, and this same spirit of collaboration will be applied to the relationship with G-Love.

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